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Coffee Concierge

A Collection of Interviews

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Coffee Concierge

Thesis, Why am I the Coffee Concierge?

Coffee Concierge is the first book written by then 17-year-old high school student Maya Malackowski. Maya’s collection of personal interviews reveals surprisingly candid life advice and lessons from a collection of 26 successful philanthropists, company executives, athletes, and media personalities. Intentionally, the interviews are unedited to further Maya’s goal of providing the reader with a virtual seat at the table. Maya has captured the feeling of a truly personal discussion that will move readers with each story and benefit anyone who reflects upon the lessons of her collective work. Above all, Coffee Concierge was written to bring insight and facilitate dialogue amongst teens anxious to figure out their path through high school, college and beyond. Parents of high school students will also find inspiration in the stories told and an easy catalyst for family conversation.

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