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William (Billy) Marovitz

"…be open to new ideas, new challenges, and never give up... associate with people who are either smarter than you or have a different point of view"

Brian Sullivan

“I think people matter. It's easy to fall into the digital trap these days, but don't let that happen….Make relationships, real relationships.”

Cecil Martin

“… stay busy, try as many productive activities and take advantage of all productive opportunities that come your way. Even if I'm nervous or don't think I will be good at it, I now know it will help me grow.”

Christie Hefner

“…resist the feeling …to say ‘yes’ to the first opportunities that came my way, to discipline myself, and give myself permission to be a little patient in order to see a broader array of what those opportunities might be, and that turned out to be very good advice.”

Desirée Rogers

“…love and enjoy each year of your life.  There is no rush…. Enjoy being the age that you are; … there's so much value in experiencing the time, place, and year that you are in.”             

Ed Sacks

“Success, by my definition, is instilled in someone who has made the difference in the life of others. If you've done that, you're a success.”

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Elena Bonvicini

“…it was amazing to see the power of social media; even if the people around you don't support or understand what you're doing, there are people out there who will.”

Eric Smith

“…remember the shoulders that you stand on, including your family and those who have taught you valuable life lessons. And make sure that you continue that same tradition and make it an even richer experience for your family.”        

Isaac Larain

“My mother …taught us the value of hard work, integrity in everything we do and fighting for our rights….she was my fiercest supporter …and gave me the foundation for my life and the success I have today.”

Jennifer Massaux

“I would advise myself, my future children, and others to not put limits on people, even if you don't understand where they are going with it, don’t limit them.”

John Rutledge

“While entrepreneurship was my dream career path, my dream life path was to have all of my life quadrants be equally successful.”    

Julia Stasch

“I don’t remember who gave me these words of wisdom, but I have shared them with women today who are worried about not being ready to take on new responsibilities. I tell them, “you don’t have to be fully prepared to be ready.”                  

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Larry Horn

“I now realize that everything in this world relies on making a sale, whether it's selling yourself to an employer, selling your product to somebody, or interviewing to get into a college or something of that nature.” 

Mika Stambaugh

“…no matter what you're doing, whether it's an internship or volunteering; put yourself in the position as if it was your job.”

Nick Thompson

“…you have time to explore, time to find a passion, if you work hard on it consistently it will probably turn out okay.”

Niven Narain

“At the end of the day, the only thing that will drive your success - whether you are a C student or an A student - you go to Harvard or don't even go to college, is working your ass off; that is the number one predictor of success.”

The Honorable Randall (Randy) R. Radar

“Consistent work toward worthy goals always brings improvement. AND improvement is really the purpose of life.  To do better than last time is more important than ‘winning’.”

Ross Glickman

“…be true to yourself, set your path, and stay with it.  Don't give up. Don't ever give up. Just keep forging ahead.”

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Roxanne Martino

“education is the great equalizer in life, … if you persevere … and then use those skills that you learn. You can accomplish anything.”

Sarah Henkelmann

“I have worked to enjoy the process throughout my life because sometimes, just attaining the goal isn't the fun.”

Shawnelle Richie

“My parents were teachers, and they taught me that it was crucial always to give back. And so in every job that I've had, I've wanted to do something to improve the most vulnerable lives in the city that I love, Chicago.”

Sheila Talton

"... a lot has changed since I was in high school, around opportunities for African Americans, but a lot hasn't ... I think it's time for some bold moves..."

Stan Taylor

“The realization that my skills and experience could be relevant to a very, very different problem set was a very special moment for me, and that trip led to a continued effort to help the people of the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.”

Tom Wilson

“Be intentional; determine how you want to define yourself and then manage to that

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Vick Lombardo

“Persistence is more important than talent; passion, and commitment, more critical than opportunity and social connections.”

Willie Gault

“It's not enough to … walk in someone's shoes, you have to walk in their heart, in their mind, and it's challenging to do so.”

Maya Malackowski

“The journey that was Coffee Concierge was everything but easy. There were so many times I wanted to give up, so many times when I thought this is never going to happen…. I am so glad that I didn’t let myself let the project die. This book has taught me much more than just what the interviews say. This book taught me confidence, literary technique, resilience, determination, and perhaps most importantly self-belief."

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